You spoke the water
And the water has given
Us a new name
But I call you, still

Poetry and Love

Satisfying shadows
The earth parades us
And these drops
Seem to fly



Inspired by the lovely Lady Nimue: Rains


Note: Monet and Renoir discovered, through the practice of painting light and water en plein air (in the open air) that the color of shadows is not brown or black, but the reflected color of the objects surrounding them (an effect today known as diffuse reflection).

“Color owes its brightness to force of contrast rather than to its inherent qualities … primary colors look brightest when they are brought into contrast with their complementaries.” ~ Monet

A Thief of Nature

A moon caught in your throat
Little bells ringing out
Solus sanctus
Enthralled to stillness.
There are many ways you pretend
To be still, and still you move
Shivers chasing my tongue
Fingers breaking the secret
Supplicating eternal upon my skin
New legs brushing the voice of history into prayer.
What wholeness!
Tongue wrapped around your man poem
Recital that understands perfection.
I steal those tones.
In my hand – our lives
Those moments of natures expansive intimacy –
Those moments never last.

Those Divine Lips

On public display,
A beauty veiled,
The paradise vale,
Cusps, cups and ridge,
A black galaxy hanging over,
The white springs of life,
Mount desert Sinai,
Those divine lips,
Oh Moses, O’ Joseph, O you,
Kiss, caress and drink,
Seek, see and listen,
The eternal words,
Truth, beauty and god!

by @JosepEgypt

This beautiful poem, inspired by the image above, was written by a Twitter friend, who was kind enough to share it with me and to allow me to share it with you all.