Those Divine Lips

On public display,
A beauty veiled,
The paradise vale,
Cusps, cups and ridge,
A black galaxy hanging over,
The white springs of life,
Mount desert Sinai,
Those divine lips,
Oh Moses, O’ Joseph, O you,
Kiss, caress and drink,
Seek, see and listen,
The eternal words,
Truth, beauty and god!

by @JosepEgypt

This beautiful poem, inspired by the image above, was written by a Twitter friend, who was kind enough to share it with me and to allow me to share it with you all.


Writers Delight Award

I simply love this award. From writers to writers… those who inspire exploration and implore a tighter articulation of the written word, those who leave us thinking, feeling, breathing a little deeper…

Being sick and lazy, I’m going to keep this short. Many thanks for the nomination. Its always humbling when you can touch someones life, even if only as softly as a spring breeze…

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