Caress the Sky



I kissed a poet last night.


Out in the field of compassion
A royal blue sky lit with candles
Hung as a ceiling, a quartet of soul sisters
Singing, an empty cup overflowing
A river of scarlet lips in prayer,
The experience of this companion
Calling to every inconceivable crevice
Of this passionate body.


I kissed a poet last night
Igniting a pilgrimage of stars.
Oh! What a shipwreck he has made me.

(c) A Hannan


Away with Words

Shattering your night with wine soaked wings

My eye, a lone star ceiling a funeral, one

Beautiful unended union of arms

Falling into arms, falling to implore us

To where lust shredded, lingers.


I speak of union. What does this mean?

Imagine your rose falling into my arms,

Those arms falling to your Beloved,

Laughter’s treasure caressing no end.


O! How I wish I could exile my tongue, merely taking you home.

(c) A Hannan