History Seems Empty

Songs scatter between us. Philosophies
too intricate to illustrate in text leave
notes crawling through unspoken words,
unspoken thoughts lingering over melodies.

Toes dipped in sand search for each other,
the tides ebb and flow like cheese and honey.
I taste you on my lips, this constant
wanting over naked flesh, erect nipples,
the quiver of pearl… that exalted breath.

Time eclipses moment when I’m in you.
I become the subconscious
In every breath you take…
Fingers, inexorably loving
the beat of your heart, your hand
on the drum caressing my hips.

You play my future like a maestro yet
today I find my hand grasping at emptiness…

(c) A Hannan



I’ll be posting up some old poems… be warned -smiles sweetly-


Lipstick: the muse II


She paints prayers with your Lust
Red ochres rising, from her earth
Crushed petals veiling laughter
Over sweet nights cried back to her soil
And blinking back mascaraed lashes
A summer sun, a mirror hung
From ripened breasts.

Blessed, your eyes
Shadowed by two birds
Heavy and thoughtful, suicide
Upon her body of life.
Balanced here, passion a calm moon
Placed before a kiss.

At the moment of entry
Your palm, laden with Jewels
Of pink and red, a bold perfection
Angel’s furnished from her womb
And your fingers over her lips
Each a pilgrim in prayer
Returning season after season.



(c) A Hannan




Lipstick: the muse

I pressed my lips to his
A kiss of stamen birthed to rising sun
Swollen, ripe
Curves of bliss traverse landscapes
Painted, to match the flower
Enticing man to virgin breasts.



(c) A Hannan


The history of lipstick can be traced back as far as 5,000 years when semi-precious jewels, plants, ants and seaweed were used to colour the lips red, pink or deep brown. Its origins, although prone to contradictions, often undiscussed and unadmitted, were of an erotic manner. For thousands of years the mouth has been considered the most sensual part of a woman’s face and woman have relished in exploiting this power by decorating and enhancing, colouring the lips to match the labia. Although, lipstick is not merely seductive. Depending on the colour and shape of the lip line, lipstick is also a symbol of power, of sophistication, of rebellion, of courage, of optimism and more.

Note: The stamens in a flower are collectively called the androecium (from Greek andros oikia: man’s house)