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NOTE: ‘Dis-Cooperire’ from Latin Dis and Cooperire, meaning ‘to remove the covering; completely uncover.’ By the mid 1500’s it was used to mean ‘seeing or gaining knowledge of something previously unknown’ and ‘finding out; bringing to light.’

Untitled – on writing



Autumn stoops,
Picking memories to gather before winter,
All the hues of the world, translated through stem
And petals resignated voice.
When I write, I write something new
As if watching birds will help me fly,
As if each fallen leaf, summered and spoken
Becomes, a petal after winters turn.
I write and rewrite as flowers drop
Their petticoats, picking heartbeats
Coloured with the shades of sunset.
Now, they mark a new memory.

Is uncertainty the same as not knowing?




(c) A Hannan



Submission for Third Sunday Blog Carnival Volume 1, No. 3 http://thirdsundaybc.com/


Ordained to Dance

The Passage

The following poem is a collaboration between myself and a very dear friend of mine, the incredibly talented Syrian/American poet Assef Al-Jundi.

Ordained to Dance

With my index finger I trace
a smooth invisible arc
down the glossy round surface
of this orb.

I exhale crystal goblets
of fruitless faith in the calm of
numinous white blossoms

while alternating waves of pace
and rhythm perform
a ceremony of shifting guards.

Almost lost—
subtle voices a slice
above, below audible,
wine without cups,
heaven-less clouds,

backs turned to mystery,
the nomadic prison
resting in wisdom,
ancient pages unreeling
amid azure skies
of naked eloquence.

Alarms shriek
in every quarter of this wistful city.
I look for you to make love
the path to abide this
supernatural immensity.

With eyes shut fast
in aching sensuality
I’ll choose a landscape
like a canvas of tears

I’ll find release
in the strands of my knowing instincts.
Make permanent
the jubilant abandon of my twinging spirit.

the remnants of my prophet’s revelations
clung to drunken ramblings of
unfortunate muses
only to arrive
full circle.

© Aaliyah Hannan and Assef Al-Jundi

The Passage with Arabic

Arabic words painted on the image are:
Passion, Love, Beauty, Imagination, Soul, Affection, Ardor, and Flame (Lahab)