My Eye Was Listening

My Eye Was Listening

My Eye Was Listening

I was listening and preparing tomorrows with my hand
building cradles for a future earth, soil, seed, flame
a blossoming whole and complete. One degree separated
from we, she, me, be womb-man, needing soul
comfort, natural caressing on me, tongue propagating soul talk
speaking words like Psalms, an Ayat of perfection sliding off open palms.

I wear you like a garment, naked that only your I sees,
your eye been holding testaments and commandments, parting seas,
blowing at the wings of for-get-me-nots and feeding crows on
the path to peace. Shadows reflect on verses colliding, electric, eclectic,
concentric, essence bare and beautiful, my I a hunger.

See… I be searching for you, I be calling to you,
I be making pheromone proclamations, I be praying to your absence.
A million hands have removed my veil to touch my I but my eye
was listening to you before ever knowing you. See…
many have appeared somewhat, even close to, almost the,
but none ever… none ever be We.

(c) A Hannan


Love’s Infatuation

Different fingerprints exchange chi
with different hands, natural tendencies
tying me to starts, trying me to
a voice, Persephone humming
upon my ear rolling embers to flame,

blowing warm flesh to guilt in my innocence.
I run choruses on passions whisper
bending my image over violin strings,
negating sand from earth, sweat
from salt, ash from soot. Undiscovering,

I watch winds rub charcoal over
your naked frame, like an artist,
discovering common without knowing
a part of me dies. Each line, each curve
calling to me as it resurrects chaos and I

melody over your harmony like a requiem
for Love tracing your silhouette, mind
reflecting a rhythmical whole, a euphony
so sweet I drown, stress syllables
as my tongue altars you, aura turning

aroma to therapy, the essence tightens my skin,
carries me to hunger. With delicate finger
I trace your name in honey on a soft thigh
remembering, different fingerprints exchange chi
with different hands…

(c) A Hannan