Ensnared – a vine, full
Fruit lay like a prayer mat
My wail; a birdsong.

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Note To Self II

Enraptured, a lily opens; frozen in this frame, a jewel of sorrows forgetfulness. Life, breaking dawn; promises only death.




For his art, he withdrew
His soul, a spent sun
Hung seven layers above
A midnight moon,
His feet a bed beneath the shadows
Preferring plant and stone
To lustiness. I lingered,
A tear to every storm and wind
Rounded firmly in his palm,
To the rhythm of the nightingale
He praised me in every colour imaginable,
Preserving his love, with mirth
And breath, he fashioned me a book,
A matrimony of bride and earth
To lines, poised, only to burst
With ecstatic bliss.
This rite, a sweet hymn
To tune the heart at dawn.

Only he who loves, with his whole heart, knows God…






(c) A Hannan





Born Knowing: submission to my Beloved

Labeled a Goddess, eight arms
seducing life and distracting death
to overwhelming endings, crushed
daisy’s between thumb and forefinger,
potential to actual broken glass
unattended, destroying language and flesh.

Slave to perception melded obtainable
to obtained. I stopped evolving.
Insular to mirroring unaffected,
growth and freedom retarded, I dissolved

my melody. Conciliated to appease
someone else’s destination I became death.
I personified freefalling, through
ten thousand lifetimes I died.
Looping unlearnings, stabbing at rocks,

I threw grains of sand at my heart
for not keeping it’s piece, it’s peace.
I paused on mapping confessions.
Meditation manifested cause
and spirit. Energy to motive giving voice

archaic acoustics, shaping the ending,
building blocks of Heaven and Hell
while pushing at 7th Heaven ceilings
examining and advancing, submission

centering my source. I metaphor on budding
roses, yielding newness from an endless
history, candlelight pollinating a dark smile
holding hue to infinity, atoning atoms
to blossom, cherry lips. I apologise.

One finger raised admitting my Beloved
never stopped watching. I held pain
in my hands and carried it Home, Knowing
on forever, atoned, shall dying Salat restore.

(c) A Hannan