Caress the Sky



I kissed a poet last night.


Out in the field of compassion
A royal blue sky lit with candles
Hung as a ceiling, a quartet of soul sisters
Singing, an empty cup overflowing
A river of scarlet lips in prayer,
The experience of this companion
Calling to every inconceivable crevice
Of this passionate body.


I kissed a poet last night
Igniting a pilgrimage of stars.
Oh! What a shipwreck he has made me.

(c) A Hannan


2 thoughts on “Caress the Sky

  1. Lovers’ Contemplation

    Beneath an ancient hill of lost whispers
    Beholding the sun at the hour of twilight
    And singing, flowers strewn from breast,
    Poppies as hymns to gods long gone, we stand as

    I set stars in orbit around your head,
    Cloak you with heart’s breath, a cloud
    Of infinite warmth born of two hands touching,
    And dewing smiles on cheeks,

    On faces, eyes found in eyes,
    Blossoming like flowers celebrating a sun
    And raising petals upwards in prayer
    Of a devotion as that of water to life.

    Scarlet lips, a soft spill from heaven’s cup,
    Flocks of birds melting an unheard hum
    And breaking, waves of desert dunes, red
    In the horizon, endless stretching, a shore

    Where the feet of our dream wander,
    Wings brushing feathers to a fire
    That rages softly, ascending to womb’s depth
    And lasting, far, far into the night.


    Love’s breath, extinguished,
    Carried as One to heart’s depth –
    Being dawn, we ‘are.’

    A shipwreck upon a shore and a sea that will remain, forever.

    Standing on the edge of the world, my heart is your temple.

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