Note To Self VIII

You know you’re doing something right when the ignorant fear your candlelight. You illuminate a profoundly sick society.


2 thoughts on “Note To Self VIII

  1. Sick? Not so sure. I’d say our society is misguided. People pursue ends that ultimately leave them unfulfilled. That’s all. But whenever I lose heart in my fellow man, there’s always a human accomplishment somewhere to renew my faith. I cite skyscrapers, airplanes, space travel, and closer to earth, five star cuisine. It’s all about where we place our focus. A person can be eating the most succulent meal, but if his mind is elsewhere, he tastes nothing of the flavors as he chews. Our society is like this. People keep themselves so preoccupied and ever-hungry that they miss the juice of life. Shed your candlelight on the goodness, SS!

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