Mrs. Sparkly`s Ten Commandments Award

The wonderful Anil has nominated me for this award, which is both touching and appreciated. In their space we are reminded of compassion, acceptance and love…

Ahh… I guess this means, I have to reveal a little of myself -blushes-

Mrs. Sparkly’s rules are ten questions that you must answer honestly:

1. Describe yourself in seven words.

From white womb, grows a tiny flower.

2. What keeps you up at night?

What, you mean beside the virtual playground? -laughs- No, honestly, its the quietude . Time to appreciate the music of my own thoughts…

3. Whom would you like to be?

A more awakened version of myself. Its an endless cultivation, this becoming…

4. What are you wearing now?

Silk camisole, jacket and jeans with feral hair…

5. What scares you?

Not embracing the lessons set out for me. And, I have a phobia of sharks…

6. What are the best and worst things about blogging?

Best: release, contemplation, introspection, expression, the friendships created, inspiration and storage space that can be accessed anywhere -grins-

Worst: not being able to offer those who take the time to read and comment a true reflective response of my appreciation…

7. What was the last website you looked at?

(pdf file on) Psychology, Eschatology, and Imagination In Mulla Sadra Shirazi’s Commentary on the Hadith of Awakening.

9. Slankets, yes or no?

Whaaaaat? I have absolutely no idea what this even is…

10. Tell us something about the person who tagged you.

Anil payed me the honour of visiting my page about a month ago. Out of interest, I found myself exploring theirs. What I found was a humble, warm, compassionate, accepting spirit. An embracing of all that is… by way of the death of their son. Thank you for reminding us all to let go of false certainties and to enjoy the spirit of Being…


Am I allowed to cheat? May I ask everyone who comments, to answer the 10 questions?


2 thoughts on “Mrs. Sparkly`s Ten Commandments Award

  1. 1. Describe myself

    Out of the of the Void hums a sombre sweet song

    2. Almost same as hers. My thoughts – contemplation and imagining, writing, composing music, graphics, discussing, in that order depending on mood.

    3. Like to be

    Like Hermes. the most diverse person you could ever dream of. I don’t care if this means I’m a thief 😛

    4. Wearing

    A green and brown tie-dye shirt, gray trousers, black leather loafers, headphones in my ear, shades on my eye, daylight with the myriad sights, a bus of people – receiving the greatest quantum of stimuli I can handle.

    5. Scared of

    Nothing. Oh ok..not discovering more of my being-in-the-world.

    6. Blogging best and worst

    Best: I’m so close to everyone is hardly human – so vast an area of the world covered. Meet new and interesting people and, and the experimentation that offers. I’m probably talking about the WWW but blogging adds that extra spark of breath – you can actually talk to the author in almost real time. And because it is a private space, it mimics the private space of mind – analytical psychologists dream.

    Worst: Because it’s a private space, people can get quite defensive and unaccepting – I hit that wall a lot. It’s not their fault though, my thoughts might be too weird.

    7. Last site

    Facebook, sharing the following:

    “As artists, feeling the human condition the the starkest, it is thus the great responsibility to communicate it in its varying ways.

    For all ages – cradle to grave.

    Arduous task but heart-heaving task.”

    8. My sweet sister overlooked you so I’m sorry for passing you by but can’t be blamed for doing so :-P.

    9. Slankets

    What the…? Is that a portmanteau of slang and blanket? Why would that be? Are you asking if I slangs form blankets across my posts?

    10. I met this woman (she’ll probably beat my mouth for playing on her age) last year. Since then, she’s become my sister; we’ve picnicked in the lush meadows of our snuggling playgrounds. I enjoy my company with her but I’m also busy keeping her safe for my other and elder brother. We share much in common. She’s a wonderful woman and her name suggests it – a sole voice whispering in a dark, desolate room filling up the Void, saturating it, and pushing the walls back. I had hoped for a woman who embraces her sexuality so heartily but within a healthy spirituality, a queen in fact, and I got that here – she gave me confirmation that my hope was more than fiction. Thereby, she radically improved my relation to women and transformed my being-in-the-world.

  2. -laughs at “analytical psychologists dream”-

    and no, I wont slap you around for playing on my age. I’m humbled, since, you actually validate my “forever 26 until I can’t pull off 26 any longer”.

    See, I knew someone would answer… and how sweet you are! But I promise not to share that with the world, since, we wouldn’t want to ruin your reputation…

    -still laughing-

    Actually, what you said @ 10 is humbling… and I’m ever so glad to have met your acquaintance, to call you a brother, to laugh and learn with you on your journey to Hermes…

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