Overflowing From Silence

One last breath
races within me,

black horses around a merry-go-round
to supernovas and blackholes
splitting kaleidoscopes of no-mores
and dreams of forgotten.

One last breath
through the doorway of yesterday.
Eyes, shut fast leave me ajar
and I inhale tomorrow’s closed door.

Distance confused this mind.
Uncertain, incomplete,
some days its always night…
the constant drone of crickets on my ear.

On days like this,
I reach for your hand.
It’s never there,

sometimes I forget!

One last breath
the bloom of eternity
overflowing from silence.

Show me the way

to union,
wantings possibility of threshold invitations
over footprint whispers,

fragile assurances.



(c) A Hannan




4 thoughts on “Overflowing From Silence

  1. We’re here again with the beloved.
    This air, a shout. These meadowsounds
    an astonishing myth.

    We’ve come into the presence of the one
    who was never apart from us.

    When the waterbag is filling, you know
    the water carrier’s here!

    — Rumi

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