On Trust

My truest an affiance,
Heaven at your feet, abstinence
from now, patience and destiny.
Honoured promises, faithed forever
pending prophecies, preserving,

practicing patience, no fantasy
protected this, dream
recessed and withdrawn. Silence is
broken but no words penetrate rock.
My truest, a distanced memory

presented by hate. People move,
birds migrate, rivers swoon
to open seas, bliss betrayed
belittled today’s high, tomorrows
low. Unperceivable, perfect you

held me whole, primed my aphrodisiac
shadowed me then blew me to winds.
Deep, I rise and fall in my mental,
my truest be whole, hold me, trust.
You’re the bed of my restlessness,

the beating of storms pounding at sand,
eroding. You’re the motion of moving
forward when I pause, to breathe.
You’re the softest kiss upon my forehead
sinking me in possibilities, dying.

You’re the rustle of pages on a closing
book, the final chapter revealing.
My truest is metal and spiritual, speaking
clay and seed and breath, rolling torn flesh
earth bound, Heavens scent inches beyond
my grasp and you, a nightmare kiss.

(c) A Hannan

Poetry Challenge titled “Nightmare Kisses”




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