Lipstick: the muse II


She paints prayers with your Lust
Red ochres rising, from her earth
Crushed petals veiling laughter
Over sweet nights cried back to her soil
And blinking back mascaraed lashes
A summer sun, a mirror hung
From ripened breasts.

Blessed, your eyes
Shadowed by two birds
Heavy and thoughtful, suicide
Upon her body of life.
Balanced here, passion a calm moon
Placed before a kiss.

At the moment of entry
Your palm, laden with Jewels
Of pink and red, a bold perfection
Angel’s furnished from her womb
And your fingers over her lips
Each a pilgrim in prayer
Returning season after season.



(c) A Hannan





6 thoughts on “Lipstick: the muse II

  1. Prelude To The Heart

    Heaven, an upturned bowl
    Resting in his lap’s desire.
    His fingers fall, dipped
    In the endless song of stars
    And rise, a pollen yellow
    On brushes coursing wet,
    Painting your lips with ochre’s fire
    And your eyes,
    A shadow dripping suns
    From lashes mascaraed,
    Coffee grains to the bowl
    Where the heat of love
    Sinks the universe,
    An incense that awakens
    Dancing in veins,
    A brown pulse and flesh like waves
    Rushing, an ocean within an ocean.

    Blessed, a sun and a moon
    Over each of your eyes
    Birth a nimbus cloud
    Of seven planets orbiting your face
    Balanced, a harmony of wings
    Fluttering unheard, helical white
    As The Moon from your eyes
    Showers his lips,
    Divine softness of your grace.

    The stars now fall, in passion red,
    Droplets of wine scattered
    Over the landscape
    Adorning ripe breasts
    And calling, as his lips
    Utter a prayer,
    Tongue inscribing flesh,
    Words weaving life to life
    And turning, a ring
    In the heart of Spring.

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