Unfolding the Sun


Let a woman’s heart be a sphere,
And the soul of a man
That moves between her lips and her heart,
Devotion, a brave flower whose fragrance
Fresh, embroidered wishes
Into her soil.  Dreams

Shepard birds to her hips where,
Vines like united souls twine,
Oath-ed to his temple mount,
She gives songs borne of his fruit.

Let the Beloved’s imagination twist
A song from her face –
The magic of a poets verse
Gracefully hanging from her kiss,
Stars, guilty of dust and all the joys
Of love colouring an innocent sky

And taking a subdued path
With a borrowed promise,
A gentle rising,
Until, the veil wakes
And awake before the eyes of lovers
All stands open.

Enchanted, of the sweetest elixir
A soul to his soul
When her heart bends eastward
Calling to dawn, in prayer
He, the rising sun…



© A Hannan


For Kellie’s ‘Wish Jar’ http://magicinthebackyard.wordpress.com/the-wish-jar/


24 thoughts on “Unfolding the Sun

  1. This has whimsy and elegance and soul … love it. So well put together. I love to read poetry that lingers in your mind like this. Pam

  2. Blue Mosque of Dawn

    With green trees for pillars
    And for ceiling, the blue sky,
    The salat, a birdsong rising
    From the bough of dawn, spreading
    White as the waters in God’s palm,
    And bending, lips tracing
    The moon in sacred hymns
    On the face of love
    And kissing the earth,
    There, where joy is a wellspring
    Joining the bouquet of two hearts,
    A sun, rising.

    Clothes forgotten as,
    Hand in hand walking,
    Naked feet of lovers
    Sip the dew from the flowers’ cheeks.
    Hushing tears from his eyes
    With a kiss on his forehead,
    Within her, his song flutters
    Like God’s Word over
    Primordial waters
    And writes with a breath
    Extinguished in her flame of light
    Forever’s vow on the pages
    Of her heart.

    One soul flowing, eyes into eyes,
    The path whispers to the sky
    And vanishes, while jasmines shower,
    Snowflakes in the wind, dancing
    And laying, over bodies
    A fragrant coverlet of light.

    In the inner garden
    The apple tree smiles
    As her flowers glisten, fruits.
    His hand plucks, ripe and full,
    Offers to her lips, a bite,
    As then her hand to his lips,
    Extends –
    Roots pulsing in the soul’s sky,
    Blessed, this ‘knowing.’

    The Beloved in morning’s heart,
    The world is awake
    As the scent of Arabic coffee
    Glistens laughter in lovers’ eyes,
    An open palm flowing
    Stream of love.

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  4. You are nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award. You are one of my most favourite of poets on WordPress. To accept visit http:-swansongsandprose.wordpress.com/2012/01/17/nominations-blogger-awards

  5. I enjoyed reading this. Even more so after seeing the prompt from The Wish Jar. I relate so, so strongly to this. Love is magic and a new life is evidence of that. Stunning, amazing, one for the ages.

  6. I do not know how I missed this beautiful piece you left in my wish jar! Just happened to be editing pages and saw I had new entries that I had not read. Sorry about that. Thank you so much for writing for me and please know that I appreciate it and would never intentionally just not read something anyone submits. Big hugs and love to you. This is a wonderful addition! Xox

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