Divinity: of The Waters

There never were the slightest flaw

In the rose.


I quickly exile a dissipating breath,

Stifle the flight of swans,

Reflect ancient floods

And where the streams meet

Veins, rivaling the moons charm,

Saving the sweetest kiss beneath the flower.


Of inspiration

I lift the empty glass skyward,

She parts my vapid vision

Piercing my mute witness,

The smooth horizon breaks,

Waters cluster in harmony

An endless song laughing in waves.

She is divinity, chasing my caramel skin,

Spreading adultery over the contour

Of my sunset stained breasts.

Beauty is entwined in this embrace, stripped

Of voice she, idolatrous drum solo

Seared across ancient desert dunes

Tracing rumours until their flame dies.


Passion, all but rouged bursts from the figs heart

A frenzy of tears, now that I am ripe

Let the savage bliss of God’s bouquet

Frame my blessed sin, one delicate finger,

Mouth open in flight, poised,

The petals of a rose mingled into a disheveled kiss.



Anahita – The Ancient Persian Goddess of fertility, healing and wisdom… the divinity of ‘the Waters’.




(c) A Hannan

Inspired by the post ‘Arianrhod’ here: Shining City On The Hill


17 thoughts on “Divinity: of The Waters

    • Sure, Phil… let me listen once you’re done.

      Oh and, I’m not recording it. I could get Shantaya too, perhaps, if you didn’t want to…?

      I’ll message you once I’m done to discuss it a little further…

  1. shantaya ? ..yes , would be great , if someone with proper english would do it 😉 ..when i use it, i´ll do a test-recording, so that she have a “direction”

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  3. Injustice in the world when other blogs are “Freshly Pressed” and your blog of innovative word interplay gets only six likes. We need to promote ourselves more vigorously, my dear. “caramel skin… waters cluster… sunset stained breast.” Magnificent. (villagebandwidth.com)

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