Untitled 19092011



Scarlet threads
Suiciding over regal rouged lips,
A luster shred indulgently upon your words,
Gracious coiffures dressing me
Only to undress twilight
Over a union of naked bonds.
Let this proclaim a drunk poet
Bound at last
To an increasing breath
Curved over your lips,
Suffocated by your hands,
Engraved into my warm flesh.





(c) A Hannan

7 thoughts on “Untitled 19092011

  1. Union

    Arched bridge, your body
    A womb pierced by fire’s tip
    Enflaming dots on belly’s pond
    As words fall penned with moonlight
    From poet’s eye on warm flesh
    Of she and he melting love layers
    While vaporous notes reveal
    In flashes through folds
    A bond of breaths dying on lips,
    Emptied chests filling in surrender
    With love, a burning in throats
    Ah! honeyed taste of joy
    Streaming ecstasy, tears in eyes
    And flowing, flowing white and deep
    — We, God’s Ocean.

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