Red Wine



Teasing my brown skin
The setting sun
In ripples, your fingers
Sewing me into descent
As they paint me
Breaking every last blush
I own, rouged lips
Coloured with your wine
Sighing at the moon.




(c) A Hannan


4 thoughts on “Red Wine

  1. Birth of the Saki

    Into my vineyards I free you
    Scenting your hair with my fields’ green fragrance.
    In my summer sun I bathe you
    Breathing sweat in hot rivulets coursing your skin.
    From the wine-fountains spread across my land
    I splash red water upon your forehead
    As a painter bursting before his canvas,
    And as you cup your hands, I pour the sap
    Aromatic and sparkling that you raise to your lips
    To drink of and soothe your thirst, time and again.

    Thus seasons circle and we remain, dancing and dancing
    Under sun, cloud, and moon until sleep overtakes you
    And you fall to my bed, breathless and tired,
    With my breath for blanket and my heart for hearth.

    With my eyes watchful and my soul breathing incense
    I pray on this vigil while I caress your hair.
    Out in the world days lapse into nights, come and go
    But this, our night, stretches and stretches
    Into a stars brimming ocean without horizon or end.

    Morning, at last, a flutter of softness
    Rousing your spirit from its slumber and fast.
    Your eyes blooming like two white flowers
    Diffusing richness of nectar blessed.
    Your open palm catches my falling tear and closes
    And as it again opens lo! a rose smiles as it rises to your hair.
    Your essence permeated to heart and core
    With my heart’s wine and substance
    Now shines as a sun on heaven’s crest.
    Your lips and cheeks, now a creek sparkling
    Pour wine and moonlight in my cup and chest.

    We sit and drink, our divan is unequaled
    In kingdoms close and distant
    For in our eyes dawn is clearer with every sip and glance.


    The above was a spontaneous outburst having for direct source the above poem and for deeper one our mutual embrace. I tried, as much as I could, not to hinder with my thought it’s pouring and outflow.

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