Dancing with a Muse

As lovers
We keep the soil rooted
To this earth
And when the wind sways
Us a waltz,
We do not blow away.

(c) A Hannan


8 thoughts on “Dancing with a Muse

  1. Eternal Roaming; And Yet

    Heart in heart rooted,
    Lovers, flung as stars in the wind
    Swing their tunes and sway
    In motion endless, and yet
    At home always, with
    Essence serene, and open
    To change, growth, and wonder,
    With abyss for house and prairie
    And a dove’s white wings
    Hued with the colours of dusk
    For a passionate bed.

    • I caught myself on your ear
      And listened to the sound of the wind
      Your I and my I embraced
      Afterwards, I took my seat on your eye
      I have watched the sun rise, countless times
      But today, I saw it for the first time.

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