Vintage & Jazz

I have a vintage suitcase obsession… can you tell?

I come here to buy buttons to decorate and individualise my daughters clothes. I love picking through these cases while I drink my coffee…

Believe it or not, she wasn’t the creepiest doll in the vintage shop…

This little camel was made of leather and was so very adorable. I nearly bought him but I didn’t have the heart to take him from the two little dolls he seemed to be watching over…

This little lady was placed just so, watching over cafe patrons as they sipped coffee, delighting in delicious biscuits and fawned over the vintage delights in store. It is so hard not to, the place is filled with just the right amount of interesting and diverse niceties.

My daughter asked me to photograph these bags for her. How could I resist?

Meeting with friends at the Gelato Bar. The owner, Bruce is “stuck in the 1950’s” and I absolutely adore the place decked in vintage. Bruce knows his cafe’s, establishing Bad Manners Cafe on Glebe Point Rd, Sydney which became one of Sydney’s iconic cafe’s. He makes a fabulous coffee and the affogato is definitely worth writing home about. You must try it on vanilla gelato which is made fresh in store from Bruce’s secret recipe. To die for!

When I grow up… I want a wall of camera’s just like this!

This last photo I took for Pierre.

My favourite flea market book seller, “Shelf Respect”.


12 thoughts on “Vintage & Jazz

  1. That sounds like a creepy place, but in a good way 🙂

    Give the bitch her chocolate, haha

    Your presence lingers with me too, Ali…

    I hope you had fun.

    You can never have enough books. Why Shelf Respect?

    (I love books with this kind of binding and cover much more than the modern ones which seem a lot more commercial)

    • -laughs-

      I had a great day, although I need to take my camera back here as I only got half way round due the crowds.
      Shelf Respect is the name of the flea market bookshop. I go every month just to find him. Hmmm he is on eBay too… but I like browsing the old covers -blushes-
      BTW, he has two copies of Anais Nin’s manuscripts right now. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH -giggles- He wasn’t sure if they were the publication with 6 or 7 buuuut… I’ve been searching for 10 years for them.

  2. I’m happy for you, I smile.

    Didn’t realize she had been with you for so long. Most people would think you crazy for being so overwhelmed about something as “trivial” as that. You have the spirit of a butterfly (like Chuang Tzu, haha).

    I got two of her books today as well…

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