I cling to your lips,

Buried by each breath; rise, fall,

– subtle renewal.

Painting by Stella Dunkley


26 thoughts on “Renewal

  1. Forest’s hallowed tune,
    This hermit’s drop waves your pond —
    Blue water, union.

    Musk and amber shine from within my eyes, calling sun and butterfly to join me upon the mountain. The spectrum of love in my soul…

    I loved the image. Didn’t know you could post images in comments.

      • Our amber hearts break,
        Waves of laughter, our ship take,
        Shoreless sea of love.

        The painting is for Stella? I cannot tell you how much I love this scenery: sun at dusk, sky, and sea — eternity. The feelings invoked… I die a thousand times over and breathe still.

  2. Through Me, You Breeze

    I, your wine mantle,
    Fields of wheat on your body,
    Water for your eyes.

    You have been sleeping with me since forever; and forever you shall remain — star of my heart, light of my eyes. There is no goodbye you. Made me teary…

  3. Lines of bodies, blurred,
    Paint sprayed on canvas’ folly
    As faces are merged.

    Our bodies, no longer distinct; your “I” and mine, no longer recognizable…

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