Delicate Scents

Image: ‘Fountain of Grace’ by Freydoon Rassouli

Daphne, a fierce blaze
Crowning spring, grapes pressed to wine
Spill our sweet nuptials.



8 thoughts on “Delicate Scents

    • Thank you ♥ I appreciate your visits. Sometimes, I’m not sure I should post these but then, I made this place without any intentions other than enjoying, myself and others… where to begin censoring that?! -sighs-

  1. Autumn, Perpetual

    Mother of trees, pulls,
    Stream of leaves fallen to breast,
    Auburn clouds, our nest.

    The beauty of this scene, the warmth and inexhaustible abundance of its feelings, the endless streams of leaves falling, falling, tangled in your hair… In each leaf a poem written by a forgotten god… The bundle of leaves burn, poetry strokes the hem of heaven, and the smell, and the scent, and the dance of fireflies… Just close your eyes…

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