The Unsaid Me

Carry me to wine lips, let me taste
the essence of your fingertips,
go slow let me drench my frame
upon your touch, part holy water
presences with bare beautiful.
Floor to path, chair to bed renewing
patience… hunger tending wounds
over our very first, lining the bed with
touch me slow, term my future
gently, your essence tightens
outside glass bells, cupping my alter
ego me on silk and down, fulfillment.




(c) A Hannan


4 thoughts on “The Unsaid Me

  1. Carry me through thick and thin,
    the unsaid story of fulfillment?

    Is life so simple, full of ecstasy
    or we leave the truth behind
    as we wish for the blind love
    we never accepted we found?

    For love is always there for each one of us,
    we only lift the veils to free it in totality.

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