My tears, endless skies
A blue mosque, prayer and passion,
Your chest – my pillow.


10 thoughts on “Contentment

  1. btw, the woman in this post’s image doesn’t look content, she strikes the feeling that my latest haiku described — insurmountable hunger; a hunger that feeds on hunger until, until…

  2. Fever

    The pillow, a cloud,
    My chest, a fused sea and sky,
    Your fall, ardent cry.

    Unquenched; unsatisfied — bound in a height that only has eyes for distant stars. The sail is set…

      • Fresh earth in my hands
        Cupping, your heart prays, seeds fall,
        I pierce, in you, bliss.

        My hands, now brimming with seeds, enter your womb. The ecstasy you feel is that of the delicate buds piercing through your skin and seeking for sun and air and cloud. O lithe vine of my wine — you.

        Your leaves and branches tangle me and squeeze, pulling full grapes to my mouth.

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