Catching My Heart

I am hidden
Behind 100 veils of my own making.

I have been shown the path to my heart
Yet I always hold back
Caressing the moon on my tongue,
Bathing in sunlight, drinking haiku.

How can I reach his summit
Unless I leave this silken cocoon?

I pause…
Argue… it is only holding back,

I know, butterflies emerge from cocoons.

(c) A Hannan


14 thoughts on “Catching My Heart

  1. …like the moth if
    there is destiny waiting
    all veils lift in total surrender
    to love taking her maiden flight;

    Into the unknown we were born
    Beyond this unknown one must travel…

  2. a song about overcoming the fears of leaving that cocoon…
    here’s a link, if you care to actually hear it:


    when you looked outside,
    flight was just a hop up on the breeze
    it was so easy to get so high
    before you knew the ground could skin your knee.

    -chorus-it takes so much to step through that door
    no matter that there’s no place to go
    the other cheek may not be what it seems
    so is it not enough to simply be?

    when today turns into night
    are you sure you’re where you know you ought to be?
    and if you see the light
    are you sure exactly what it is you see?


    when you look outside
    is it still the same as before you felt so old?
    would you remember how to fly
    if you only knew which way the west wind blows?


  3. Such intense emotion and imagery. 100 veils of my own making…it’s so hard sometimes to emerge from them. This is just so beautiful and tastefully sensual. Nice photo to go with the poem, too.

  4. The butterfly, free,
    A veil shed, naked light – still,
    A sheen cloaks her dyes.

    Nakedness is a myth: beauty never concedes her power. Beauty shows and hides, hides in her very act of showing — but reveals: never. The cocoon of darkness is now a cocoon of light.

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