Of Us

Like raised chalices

Do not follow my heartbeat

– we will break the sky.

(c) A Hannan


20 thoughts on “Of Us

  1. To be in love is to be free
    and to fly with out wings
    with the ecstasy
    is pure joy.

    Lol are we supposed to reply to a poem in poetry?

  2. …and the clouds are full of promises
    for the storm blows
    a leaf floats reflects
    the sunlight to settle
    in the humid
    wetness playing with fire
    in its golden hue
    and soft curves
    to let the magic of love grow…

  3. …Love is like fresh dew
    with the breaking of dawn
    it vanishes if not stolen again and again
    lol don’t call me a thief for i am just a shadow
    that merges dreams into reality beyond this world…..

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