Travelling Is Not Forever

The will of God brought him here

Empty, his heavy load walks in fields,

Tall grass entwined, dancing

As his warm breath weeps.

Do you see the curves of the garden?

Do you listen to the wind?

The mountains and rivers, a poet,

Endless sky her fragrance,

Feel her moon, a garden path.

How hard is it to apprehend a moment of seeing?

The surrendering of the heart

Causes flowers to bloom,

Eyes become the rhythm of our breath.

There is a flower between our heart and our eyes,

That which exudes forth, is one.

If anything is anything, it is love.

A traveller, his cup empty

That he may fill with the dawn of love

And rest in her arms.

She is within, breaking sunrise

And sipping dew with the birds.

Travelling is not forever.

Do not worry. He who caused the fall, will save.

(c) A Hannan


10 thoughts on “Travelling Is Not Forever

  1. Love

    In the meandering silence of the field
    Where no word can linger, no sword or shield,
    The breezing wind brought my heart to a still,
    While my palms opened, receiving His spill.

    In the sweet taste of surrender, I heard,
    A tune with no center, and yet anchored
    In His Heart that, with patience, weaves, exudes,
    Love, a divine scent that nothing excludes.

    My cup, my cup with Love now overflowed,
    Waters singing to Life a sacred ode.
    The white flower between my heart and eye
    Blossomed as a moon lighting my dark sky.

    The morning star shun and showed me the place,
    Where Human and Divine twine in His grace,
    And everywhere I looked, then I saw,
    His grace, face, and beauty, weaved in calm awe.


    In that field there also was a white, full blossomed flower. I plucked it and placed it in your hair behind your ear.

  2. Not only birds can fly.

    My friends wait patiently,
    Council as I fix flowers in my hair.
    They know I am in love.

    I am forever gazing at his eyes,
    A sky so blue it awakens me
    From a little trance, wanting more.

    We do not speak
    We kiss,
    Climb stars to nowhere
    But the summit of eternity,
    Each footstep closer
    As he places his hands in my soil
    Amidst flowers and leaves.
    We nurture life.

    Silent, we are, here.
    We do not speak,
    We breathe.

    Before his eyes, the curve of my softness
    A fragranced gateway to His embrace.

  3. In the warmth of His hand I feel,
    My days melt like fire on steel.
    Behind, ahead, time I find not,
    Just now, just so, with His touch fraught.

    Cosmic embrace…

  4. I want to be a leaf in the silence of your garden, because maybe before your sleep, your heart will quiver light. I want that blessing.

    Rumi is one of the figures whom I want to read carefully and slowly in the not-so-far future. Sufism and the whole mystical traditions and experiences are one of my prime goals in life.

    As concerning Sufism in the Arabic and Persian traditions I have a bad conscience (from lack of dedicated attention, that is).

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