Loves Breath

Not only birds can fly.

My friends wait patiently,
Council as I fix flowers in my hair.
They know I am in love.

I am forever gazing at his eyes,
A sky so blue it awakens me
From a little trance, wanting more.

We do not speak
We kiss,
Climb stars to nowhere
But the summit of eternity,
Each footstep closer
As he places his hands in my soil
Amidst flowers and leaves.
We nurture life.

Silent, we are, here.
We do not speak,
We breathe.

Before his eyes, the curve of my softness,
A fragranced gateway to His embrace.

(c) A Hannan

Image titled ‘Blue Halo’ by Rich Fredrick


5 thoughts on “Loves Breath

  1. “Silent, we are, here.
    We do not speak,
    We breathe.”

    So natural and easy for one to get lost
    In the ecstasy of a lover’s embrace.

  2. Ah, the relation is reversed: this bird darts into the suave sky

    Breaths intertwined
    A cloud for my trees

    Sitting on the eaves
    Weavin the web tellin
    the story of you n he

    Don’t mind me if I take things outta context. Can’t help it, it just comes 🙂

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