Under a Winter Moon

A summer sun, a shining
Pair two eyes, jewels
In the Niles hair feasting,
A throb, a shiver,
A delicate hush.

Lips pressing wine
Loosen musical notes,
Soft thighs heave and sigh,
A bridge laced with dying
Lovers hanging between.

A bird pegged soft skin,
My breasts ripening,
A line of fingers pouring honey,
A row of tongues to follow.
This dance leads to blindness,
Fingertips parting sorrow
Your sun eclipsing my moon,
Baring fruit and bruises.

I pleasure firmness,
My mouth, cherries
Red receiving. Deceiving
Heaven’s decent
I rise, a swollen river
Limbs stretched,
The cup overflowing
White wine, sweet sin
Opening me.

I chorus beget over desert sands,
Trace lashes drawn
Skyward, bound
I sink from the last tip
Of sunshine, earth to earth,
Moans, moist thrusts,
A soils subtle turning,
Petals and grapes shake and cry.

Seven layers of sky
Perfume our grave,
Lush gardens of silk
Unioning a winter moon
Hung from my belly,
From my hips a well,
A cup of divinity resting
Perfect in your hand.

(c) A Hannan


2 thoughts on “Under a Winter Moon

  1. Desert’s Kiss of Death

    In my right hand
    The cup of divinity,
    My left hand on your neck
    Pressing while your lips,
    Pouting a crave to drink,
    Drown in the white sap
    That my firmness rises to your lips.

    In the cup your face,
    A glitter of a drunk moon,
    And my hand, a poet farmer,
    Harnesses and plants you,
    In my soil a seed
    Carrying eternity.

    The well on your soft hips,
    Deep, dark, infinite,
    Bubbles a liquor red, pours,
    My thighs and yours numb with desire
    And my bucket descends, descends,
    But reaches no end.

    The desert night opens her cool breath,
    The Sphinx, millennia mute, howls
    At your scent, you rose of the desert,
    And your veil, a cloth of stars
    That my tears have knit,
    Shading your face and body
    Now falls and breaks,
    My tears, my heart,
    Pieces infinite lighting the desert sand.

    Stars above, stars below,
    My body and yours, One orb aglow
    And your limbs, two lithe, slender vines,
    Open and pour into my world-jar a star
    Of woe and dread, of bliss and joy,
    A moon, silver in autumn’s youth of red,
    And seven planets to orbit the might of my pull.

    The Nile now thirsts beholding us dance
    And down, to its bed, tumbling we descend
    As its waters now drink the fire we are,
    Drink and evanesce, a cloud of vapor
    Over Pyramids, Sphinx, Desert, and Stars.

    Morning never arrives…


    To the Daughter of the Moon; the Rose of the Desert


    I do not know how longer I can contain myself.

    • The Song of Death

      Between God and you
      A hammock holding a lifetime, me,
      Seven skies falling to one prayer,
      Janazah whispered upon the backs of eagles,
      Death of I to a union of two doves,
      Pearled tears navigating desert dunes, cheeks
      The hills of Eden pressed with sun, with moon,
      Endless seasons spilling Zamzam’s water, life.
      On my axis, I spin, planets of silk
      Catching the sun to my moon.
      I make hajj to your well,
      Fold your wings over my heart,
      Quilted, heartnotes
      Descant vibrations on the rim
      Of wine glasses, grapes, flowers,
      10,000 Angels singing in unison,
      A place to lay my head.
      This language watches birds in flight,
      Catches our decent
      Footing us firm to earth, soil
      Bloomed in blood where your hand
      Carved poetry to my naked flesh.
      Habibi, weave the stars, to cloud
      Heart white butterflies
      A path to which I tread,
      A seed and a flame alongside as I pace
      Seven times your Ka’aba, my hand
      Striking stone over the first man’s,
      Abraham and Ishmael
      Drumbeats speaking over skin,
      Ovary and stamen stretch a rhythm
      To my salat, in your arms.

      Do you feel the water of life in my skin?

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