On Kissing

O! The solace as your hand reaches
Cherry lips, fuchsia floating
On my cheeks, pendulous flowers

kissing in the arms of sunrise….

(c) A Hannan

with thanks, to Pierre…


3 thoughts on “On Kissing

  1. My parched lips longing for your wet caress
    Gaze your cheeks, a lake of fresh dew, and press.
    Lo! From beneath the clear water, leaps out,
    Plum lips, pull me in you and heal my drought.

    Kissing — we are the twilight; we are the dawn.

  2. It is your lips that make ill and your lips that cure. Ah! A vicious circle you are! Your lure is the sweeter half of your awful dread. But he who would have one half would not have you. He who sees one half does not see you. And yet, he who sees you, a goddess in full glory, becomes blind. Only a god can see you. Blindness and sight as with the knowledge of sin is the quality of gods.

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