He ran his tongue slowly along my bottom lip
like the sun edging east to west
suffocating me, his caressing whisper
parted me like naked trees
begging for Winter rays
suspending me on a shadow,
the veils of my own making
falling, as my petals part
releasing a drop of nectar
to call the hummingbird.



(c) A Hannan



18 thoughts on “Foreplay

  1. In the growing shade of the trees,
    With the twilight of the setting sun,
    Amid the trees a hum, a soft whisper,
    A sun gaping the veil of the night,
    Her moist shade of thick dreams,
    And a nectar drop falling
    Endless ripples in the wine pond,
    A soft flutter of wings, red and gold,
    Palms cupping the scarlet pond
    And emptying, bathing, drowning,
    Two bodies in a serpentine song
    Rising on chorus of hummingbirds.

    Listen, do you hear?

    • I hear the push and pull of sunset
      Towards night, enthralled lovers
      soiled with the hues of dusk, a tender hum
      Of heartbeats, wings sipping dew,
      My lips wet around your finger,
      Bodies curved like saplings, limbs
      Like hanging branches
      Caught on dreams, fingerprints
      Pressed with pollen kneading poetry.
      Passion has speech for shadows.
      I hold the serpent in hand,
      My breasts nudging beauty
      Towards some intimate hymn.
      Pretending to be still, tongue
      Caught on one last drop of nectar,
      You take the flower from my thigh
      Pressing it to my lips, moist betrothal.

      • Tidal Wave

        My hand, a tidal wave over your face,
        Your breath, gasping, panting, in distress
        And rising, shorter, sharper, higher
        Towards the peak of descent
        That my fingers, fire wrought in dew
        Point, draw, and mark on the shiver of your skin
        And press, firm and strong, over wrinkled lips,
        Drown, through mouth beneath quaking breasts
        So that the moon, now a full, silver luster of lust and pain,
        Shouts from the depth of your womb a moan,
        Fluttering all birds, echoing the walls of the vale,
        Blending all soiled hues in the heat of the embrace,
        Seeping a nectar, rising the serpent through my spine,
        And descending, flesh melding, lost in a mutual wail,
        Abandoned bodies, drowning, senseless in a sea of stars,
        Lapsing on eternity’s shore, glistening in salt and foam,
        One body raining fire in the night sky —
        The forest aflame.

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