Death: to red lights

Swapping red crayon for green
I proceed childlike to draw
plush pastures ripe for reaping
(Urania a-musing me
with celestial astrology and tides already written)

and like pebbles rolled and tumbled
along the shoreline
I step into self,
the Mockingbirds song

while Zeus (thy Spiritual Father) exhales
hues of yesterday tears
upon a starry canopy and the Morpork
cries repeatedly to silent night
(‘The time is here,
The time is here‘).

(c) A Hannan


10 thoughts on “Death: to red lights

  1. Flowing the cosmos, I see.

    Thanks for teaching me ‘Morpork’. You refer to Pratchett’s ‘Ankh-Morpork’, don’t you?

    The rhyme’s nice. We can easily do something together

    • Indeed… and, no, actually… the Morpork is an owl, which our (Australia’s) indigenous peoples believe calls our death…
      Whenever I hear it cry, I always have to close my eyes and take a deep breath.

  2. I will like such a bird. What color is it? What’s its cry sound like? Is it a big bird? Do you think its sound can be blended into some musical composition? How’ll it sound with a drum at 1/4? How’s its appearance, imposing, scary, disgusting, not of much note…? Such a bird intrigues me. Do the local people have some music inspired by it? Wow, get some dirge and use it as accompaniment to a vid where it flies, that’ll be interesting.

    Which local people by the way? The Aborigines. You’ve caused me to check if we (Ghanaians) got birds like that or elsewhere in Africa. I think the Native Americans do, if my memory serves well (it usu confabulates :-)) – if it doesn’t, the fact is those guys got everything

    • -giggles- You’re rather intriguing… yes, I refer to the Aboriginals. I gather other cultures have similar spiritual connections to birds. In Islam, we have an owl that calls death too.
      The Morpork’s call is quiet, sombre, meaningful… not sure how it would go to music. There are songs that come to mind, I’ll try to find them… failing that, Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu is sure to have something in his repertoire.

  3. “In the fictional Discworld novels, the main city is called Ankh-Morpork and has moreporks on its coat-of-arms”

    It’s a small bird with brown-black plumage. I think I’ll change the drums to 2/4.

    So you’re muslim? I always liked the muslim women of my country. I was telling my mom just recently that I don’t know where the male chauvinism and female super-suppression in islam came from cos for instance, Muhammad was married to a prosperous woman, Khadijah.

    Besides, the muslim women of my country have a super sense of beauty. Their gait is usually very glamorous. The pelvis is the key issue. I usually see nature goddesses in em. I can’t help but stare. And, that black outline of their eyes, theirs is natural. Thing is our muslims are mostly from our north, they’re related, so they share similar characteristics

    • Interesting… I shall have to check it out! Thanks for the heads-up -smiles-

      and, I am! I couldn’t really tell you why, although… I assume fear and misinterpretation play a part. Sad! It’s not the way it should be…

  4. Beautiful wash of words. I love how you start with something as simple and tangible as crayons and grow into the ephemeral yet eternal. And of course the a-musing, word play with elegance.

    Though I will confess that I too had not run across the Morpork outside of Pratchett before this. *blush*

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