Wedding Song

Wedding Song



To you I submit

A tear to veil

You petal over my pain

Like a wedding

Unioning on walking, beside me

Fasting the blind

On trumpet quartets

While your beauty

Opens the door to tomorrow

And my garden

Becomes a drunkard

Inebriated by the music of your hand

And the wine of your lip.

(c) 2010 A Hannan


2 thoughts on “Wedding Song

  1. Her Garden of Nowhere

    Your lips
    A sorrowing smile
    From behind the veil of tears
    Call tranquil
    And the veil shivers
    As in your garden you sear
    Flower after flower
    With the kiss of your heartbeat

    Over your lost isle
    A wing casts its shade
    Its feathers of poetry
    Glisten in your eyes a tune
    Raw and smooth, infinite and supreme
    As the colours descend
    A rivulet
    From my eyes to yours
    From yours to mine
    Fill our cup with wine

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