Secrets & Sighs

Tender percussion
Bathes sweet naked in honey,
Dew on midnight bloom.

(c) A Hannan

…Inspired by Pierre…


7 thoughts on “Secrets & Sighs

  1. Secrets & sighs — they can be known but can never be spoken. Only in the hushed stillness of the night, only the tranquility and tension between the relating souls. Spoken and they are ruined, that is why:

    I shiver your body
    While breathing in your ear,
    Soft words of melting warmth
    That you can never hear.

    I cannot tell you how great a pleasure I am deriving from our strokes and dances. Beauty incarnate. The emotions and experiences that your words generate in me, that you generate in me, are intense. You are beautiful. Funny how the spark happens, just so. -smiles-

    I also love your accompanying choice of images (this one and the previous).

    • These flowers are not within.
      I close my eyes, excluding nothing,
      A soft sigh, a creased moan to my womb,
      My lips on your ear, colour sinking to my petals.
      I memoried the paradox as I spread open,
      Open, eyes closed searching your horizon.
      Last night, I dreamt of your words,
      I pillowed the rise and fall of your heart,
      Rise and fall, burying real earth,
      Relishing oblivion at each stroke of your pen,
      Toes nudging at hesitation in the dawn,
      Only fingers recognising infinity,
      Words, so sweet they echo on silence.

      Just so…

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