On The Edge Of Silence

These flowers are not within.
I close my eyes, excluding nothing,
A soft sigh, a creased moan to my womb,
My lips on your ear, colour sinking to my petals.
I memoried the paradox as I spread open,
Open, eyes closed searching your horizon.
Last night, I dreamt of your words,
I pillowed the rise and fall of your heart,
Rise and fall, burying real earth,
Relishing oblivion at each stroke of your pen,
Toes nudging at hesitation in the dawn
Only fingers recognising infinity,
Words, so sweet they echo on silence.

(c) A Hannan


15 thoughts on “On The Edge Of Silence

  1. You’re killing me
    Your pen writes an epitaph on my soul
    Raising an elegy
    Rising in the solace of my supreme solitude
    Your sun, dim, occults my eye

  2. Ah, let your tune ring once again
    So this hare jumps into your chariot
    And into the kingdom of sky and cloud

    O, what is this grin?
    The sky is gravid
    Lets down a tear stout

    Cup my hands and drink
    O, might this be sin
    Just met but I lie in her bough

  3. The Vessel of You and Me

    There, do you see? the vessel at high sea,
    Hush, listen, its voice of ambiguity
    Calls, a hissed whisper on the flapping waves,
    Above your heart an unseen kiss engraves
    And lo! its soft wings dance ‘round your body,
    A vortex whirls, wraps you in ecstasy.

    Let go, abandon rule and gravity
    As the vortex lifts you oh so gently
    Above wide seas, amid water and sky
    Following the whisper, the youthful cry
    To the birthing moistness of salt and foam,
    The vessel of you and me, roaming home.

    The horizon, seashore, water, and skies
    Heave a mystery and merge in your eyes
    That close and release within you the earth,
    A rotating star which chaos is mirth,
    A perfume and incense of mystic height
    That now seep, twine us in a heedless flight.

    Slowly we drift pass the shoulders of might
    Where Atlas stands firm, keeps heaven upright,
    The edge appears and with endless cascades,
    Where eternity falls, blithely fades,
    The vessel shivers, as you and me brace,
    An oblivious descent leaving no trace.

    Your hair in the wind, a carpet of stars,
    Stretching, stretching, a prison without bars.
    My hand I lift and of your petals pluck,
    From your womb a moan, a star of lilac
    Sliding willy-nilly on my drunk lips,
    Guiding me softly to sink in your hips.

    In the deep darkness that comes before dawn,
    Stars were the sole eyes beholding upon
    The One body birthing a light quiver,
    Filling air and sky, a breathless shiver,
    And falling then soundly, an orb of lust,
    Into sleep’s palm, cooling in dawn’s hushed gust.

    Just so…

  4. I LOVE this piece!!! I’ve got no poetic response but just wanted to let you know that I shared to my FB. Hope you don’t mind 🙂 Your words are breathtaking.

  5. The savanna to the middleman,
    Both to the little rock,
    Dusts of my hut
    To these settlements
    delivered, in earnest.

    Ah, son of sahara,
    attending a delightful dinner,
    3 souls in a sweet surrender

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